My aim for this website is to

  • To let you know that my goal is to achieve your goal within 3 sessions.
  • To let you know that I guarantee my work.
  • To teach my clients what is the most likely cause of their pain.  Here
  • To teach you what I do to first lower your pain.    Here
  • To teach you what you need to do to keep your muscles at their optimum strength.
  • To teach you how a session is run and what you need to do to get the most from it.   Here
  • To inform you that you can easily learn all of this by just buying a ¨Touch for health¨ manual from any book store and then reading all of this site and asking questions.
  • To discuss how emotions and memories effect your body Here


My view is that in order for us to be at optimum health then we need to have the following systems working effectively. The physical body ( including nutritional ), Emotional and Energetic system. Most people only deal with the physical aspect in their life as it is the obvious cause of their pain. By masking the problem with a pill which only makes the problem worse because now the bodies warning system has been stopped but the problem is still there. When the solution is to reset the bodies warning system. It’s that simple because the stress which is causing  the pain has stopped.

While the emotional problems are either considered too difficult to fix or have a stigma related to even having them, so they don´t seek help. What most people don´t realise is that it is actually easy to learn how to fix most emotional problems. Most of the emotional problems I have seen have been due to unrealistic expectations and old memories with emotional links.
Finally what an energetic system is or how an energetic system effects us and what to do about it is not fully understood in the west. One example is the Chinese meridian system which acupuncture is based on.
Personally I do not care how any healing system works I just care that it does ( including the medication a doctor subscribes ) without any side effects.
This website is about helping you find out what works and how simple it is, to do it yourself and most importantly how easy it is to learn these techniques.
You are probably thinking right now, this what a load of crap. No one has been able to help me so far and this guy says it´s easy. This is why I started giving a guarantee more than 5 years ago. What has disturbed me for a long time now is that all doctors, physios, Chiropractors etc. should all know how to fix most muscle problems, because the information I use is basic muscle anatomy i.e. resetting the muscles stuck warning system will gets rid of muscle pain. It´s in anatomy books! I believe they deliberately drag it out for the money.
Personally I have had migraines most of my life. So after my car accident I was not surprised that they got worse. Since the traditional treatments did not work I started looking for a treatment which actually did work ( which lead me to what I do now ). Now on the rare occasions when I get a migraine ( from over working my muscles ) I can now get rid of it usually within 10 minutes and usually without any headache occurring using Touch for Health.
For long term healing to occur I have found that you need to address all of the following Physical body (including nutritional), Emotional and Energetic aspects of health. As well as strengthen upper back muscles and / or stretch lower back muscles (yoga).

Physical system includes – Muscular system ( including bones )

  • Lymphatic system
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Digestive system

Techniques available for the systems above that I use are Touch for health, Bowen therapy, general kinesiology.

Most importantly I recommend some form of on going exercise, especially for upper back / neck problems.  I also recommend yoga for lower back problems.

For more information on daves muscle therapy go here

Note: We all know about the first three systems and to keep them working effectively we need to do some form of movement. Cardiovascular and lymphatic system only requires that we walk ( or do Tai Chi ) regularly. The muscular system and bones require that we also do some weight exercises. Yes the best thing you can do for Osteoporosis is do weight exercises especially when you get older, women don’t worry you will never lift enough weights to look masculine.

(disclaimer: this obviously depends on the severity of the Cardiovascular systems problem)

Emotional – emotions some time are the cause of many problems. From muscles being too tight ( or weak ) and becoming sore (or worse) to our body producing chemicals which cause disease.

Techniques available to help with emotional stresses  include EFT, affirmation, meditation (including walks) and exercise.

EFT – is good for removing the emotion from a memory.

For more on emotions and EFT go here

Affirmation is good for changing your outlook on life.

Meditation teaches you how to relax muscles and help with changing your outlook on life.

Exercise is good for releasing chemicals which help relax you as well as improves your cardiovascular system.

Of course in the end its all up to you what you choose to do. Personally I recommend that all three systems be looked at but if it is only a physical problem Touch for health and daves muscle therapy is all that is needed to get rid of your pain for most of the time with either infrequent visits or doing it yourself.

Some times we just like the TLC we get from someone else looking after us.

Thanks for your time



While I do my best to answer all of your questions quickly should you require a fast response I suggest that you txt me to tell me that you have sent a question.

I appreciate all questions because sometimes it is difficult to explain what I would like to with as few words as possible.




Disclaimer: The information provided in this website is for educational purposes only as well as to give you general information about posture and the muscular system it is not to provide specific advice. By reading this article you understand that there is no direct relationship between your problem and that discussed. The information provided in this article should not be used as a substitute for competent professional advice from a professional.


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