I offer case studies at a discounted rate of only $10 per session with a minimum of 5 sessions paid up front in the first session (total $50). Why do I discount an already low fee is  because I am always looking for better and faster ways to help my clients. So I need help from you to test different therapies to find which work and which do not.

Even though the therapies I use have been around for a long time and have been shown to be  beneficial. I class them as experimental with regards to Daves muscle therapy because I have not decided whether or not they meet my requirements of achieving  both consistent and fast enough results when it comes to body pain i.e I cannot guarantee that your pain will be reduced within 3 sessions.

For an example EFT is reputed to be able to reduce physical pain quickly. However nobody has been willing to try it for body pain. Probably due to doctors trying to prescribe anti depressants instead of realising that they are depressed / angry due to the pain and depression is not the cause of the pain. They know that when their pain goes so will the depression. What they are seeking is help for the pain and not pills to mask it.

In case you have not read the EFT section. It is about removing the stress from a memory which may be causing the pain e.g. whiplash from a car accident.


Case studies published

About digestion here

Viv’s Car accident here  – using EFT to overcome  anxiety.

 Not all case studies are published.