How emotions and thoughts effect our body

For some strange reason most people are quick to blame stress for headaches, sore shoulders and other physical problems but will straight out reject the idea of dealing with the stress (emotion) which is causing the pain.

When I first started more than 15 years ago when I was using only Bowen therapy. I tried to get some of my clients to try out something I was reading about called EFT ( Emotional freedom therapy ). Since one round would only take 10 minutes or so to find out if it was as good as the books were saying. To my surprise everyone I suggested it to got angry saying that it was not in their head but was physical and would not try it and would usually go on to say that the doctors had tried to get them on anti-depressants or send them off to a psychologist.

So I gave up on it for a while but kept reading about it and using it myself occasionally. While this section is mainly aboutĀ  Emotional Freedom Therapy it is going to be much more than that.

There are pages which discuss the ideas of Dr J. Sarno, Affirmations, Emotion code and EFT (of course). That isĀ  basically anything which has some link with physical pain and memories / emotions. Because after years of helping clients ( and taking careful note of my own health ) I know that there is a link between most illnesses and emotional pain.

So in this section I will be discussing how easy it is to address most of this emotional pain quickly, without the need for drugs or years of conventional therapy.

As this web site is still under development please be kind with comments and ask lots of questions.


Note: I am not a trained Doctor or a councilor. I have just read a lot about the subject. I have been using EFT on myself for a long time.


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