Affirmations are a good add on to EFT because EFT brakes the link between a memory and an stressful emotion while Affirmations encourage the positive in our lives to occur. Affirmations are used so that as many of your thoughts as possible are about how you believe you would like in your life to be.

A common problem not talked about with regard to affirmations is when your emotional level is so low that when you make a positive affirmation your self talk disagrees with the affirmation ( blocks it ). This occurs because it is too far a stretch from what is your current emotional level is and the emotional level of the affirmation.

So that the affirmations you use is not too big a step for your current emotional level I suggest you use the Abraham-hicks  emotions list . This way your self talk is always improving when you make an affirmation.

It works this way.

I have decided that I want to feel good about myself . The problem is that my current self talk is     ¨Everything I do is wrong¨  ( I have been told this )

Write an affirmation   ¨I am a good person¨

Problem my self talk is ¨Everything I do is wrong, I am crap ¨ so this won´t work. So we use ¨I am a good person¨ for a goal affirmation.

So we start at a lower Emotional level.

Write down some similar affirmations. ¨Some things I do is right¨   ¨Most things I do is right¨

Say the statement which is closest to your goal affirmation and assess how you feel.

¨Most things I do is right¨   no does not feel good yet

¨Some things I do is right¨  which our self talk can accept. So use this until  we can say the more positive one with out getting any negative self talk.

then move to

¨Most things I do is right¨  when we feel good about this affirmation

We use our goal Affirmation.

¨ I am a good person¨

This may take a few days / weeks or longer to get here doing just affirmations or we could use EFT to remove emotions from memories of when we were told ¨ you always do everything wrong¨ and you may still believe it.

While both techniques work on their own to help us fix our belief. When they are put together they do much more than just the sum of the two parts.

Doing both techniques means that we remove the emotion from the memory as well as retrain our self talk with positive affirmations by focusing on the truth that nobody does everything wrong.

One way to do affirmations is to record your voice with a mobile phone and then edit the recordings with audacity ( free download ) on the computer and play them when driving.


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