What is EFT?

The theory of EFT is simply this.

  1. Stressful emotions effect the Chinese meridian system ( this is what acupuncture is based on ). When energy is not flowing freely in the meridian system , poor health is the result e.g.anxiety, any disease related to digestion problems, tight muscles due to stress.
  2. Taping on meridian point while remembering a memory breaks  the link between stressful emotions and memories which then allows the energy to flow in the Chinese meridian system.
  3. When the emotion is removed from a memory we no longer re live the memory over and over or worry about some thing similar happening.

EFT  uses a statement which relates specifically to the stress / emotional memory while tapping the ends of the meridians. EFT is best done using the movie technique because it addresses all of the aspects of the memory of the situation which you are trying to heal. It is very rare that a problem  is so simple that there is only one statement needed.

The movie technique is write down a single descriptive line for every small part of the memory, so that you can make sure that every part of the memory is addressed. Note: It is called the movie technique because you recall it as if you are watching a movie at a cinema, and if that is too stressful then put someone else on the screen in the same situation.

e.g. A problem with sore neck / shoulder after having a rear ended car accident which keeps coming back. May have a movie like.

  • Talking to Joe.
  • Look forward and realise that the car in font is stopping
  • Just stopped short of having an accident
  • look in mirror and see a car about to hit me.
  • etc
  • Get out of the car see what has happened.

All of these points need to be addressed for you to be sure that there is no emotion still linked to driving and having a stiff neck. However you might have to start at a level which is not so intense for your situation before you can go through the memory at all. So in the example you would use.  The broad issue of  I was in a car accident Until you are comfortable enough to do the movie technique. For more information go here.


I have used meridian tapping for

  • Anxiety
  • Car accident
  • Body pain

For more in depth information please contact me or google until you find what you need for free (www.garythink.com) as EFT is something you can do at home easily, without being embarrassed in front of someone. However Kinesiology can make finding the solution quicker.





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