The Movie technique

The Movie technique has the advantage that it checks every aspect of the memory for emotional stress.


  1. Write down a single descriptive line for every small part of the memory ( so that you can make sure that every part of the memory is addressed ).
  2. Rate each line with the emotion you have and where it is.
  3. Do the EFT procedure on the highest rated line which you find comfortable. Until you reach a rating of “0”.
  4. Re rate each line  go to 3.
  5. When each line is “0” you have finished. Check again in a weeks time.


Note: It is called the movie technique because you check each aspect of the memory until you can recall the whole memory like watching a movie without any stress.

Hint: If the memory is too stressful then place someone else in the same situation.

e.g. A sore neck / shoulder after a rear ended car accident which keeps coming back.

  • Talking to Joe.
  • Look forward and realise that the car in font is stopping
  • Just stopped short of accident look in mirror and see a car about to hit me.
  • etc
  • Get out of the car see what has happened.

All of these points need to be addressed for you to be sure that there is no emotion still linked to driving and having a stiff neck. However you might have to start at a level which is not so intense for your situation before you can go through the memory at all. So in the example you would use.  The broad issue of  I was in a car accident until you are comfortable enough to do the movie technique.

Hint: If you record your EFT session using your phone you can go back through it to find issues which you missed.





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