Other therapies offered

Even though these therapies have been around for a long time and have been shown to be beneficial. I class them as experimental with regards to Daves muscle therapy because I have not decided whether or not they meet my requirements of achieving both consistent and fast enough results when it comes to body pain i.e I cannot guarantee that your pain will be reduced within 3 sessions. So I offer them at a discounted rate of $10 (to cover the cost of heating / cooling) when done for case studies.

Kinesiology – Very good at finding relevant issues which which may not be obviously related to your problem.

Dynamic Kinesiology – Very good at finding relevant factors which may not be obvious.

Reiki – Great for relaxation and balancing the bodies energy system. When Reiki is requested for healing other than muscular pain, such as chakra balancing / repairs the fee is $30 for a 30 minute session.

Daves muscle therapy – Uses a mixture of Touch for health kinesiology and Bowen therapy. I have found it to be so successful with muscle problems that I guarantee the therapy and charge $50 per session.


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