My goal for this section is to inform you how Daves muscle therapy achieves a successes rate of almost all of my clients achieving their goals in 3 sessions or less.

This is why I decided more than 5 years ago to give a money back guarantee should anyone request it during the 4th free assessment session. If they show that they have met the conditions here.

My cost structure is designed to be as low as possible. So that as many people with body pain can have access to what I believe to be the most effective therapy available. Cost structure here.

How can I make it so low? Simple really. I work from home to keep the cost down, I have no debts and I do not believe in ripping clients off. I also teach what I do for free to encourage as many people as possible to use kinesiology to alleviate body pain.

Well that’s the sales section over with.

If you think the above results are impossible you will be shocked to learn that the main technique I use is the basic “Touch for Health Kinesiology” aimed at getting the muscles to work correctly with a bit of Bowen therapy added if needed.

I believe the key to my success is that you are required to do the home support. Which just happens to be the same quick techniques which I used to reset the muscles which were causing your pain.

What will surprise you even more is that by reading this site (and asking questions) and buying either a book on “Touch or Health Kinesiology” or Applied Kinesiology ( be careful as most will be on muscle movement and not about muscle testing and strengthening ) you should be able to achieve the same results by yourself.

Well you are probably thinking that I have been in pain for years and my Doctor and / or my Therapist says this or that and how can he be any different?

The answer is simple.

It’s the amount of time and detail I put into every client.

Did your therapist spend up to 3 hours isolating and testing each muscle group which may be causing your pain and then made sure that the muscles were working properly before you left their office. Or did they just go your time is up see you next week.

Or did they just tell you to to strengthen it? Which is a waste of time because the muscle is already telling the brain it is in a stressed state and shutting it down. So the muscle will not do the exercise but will recruit other muscles to do it. Which they were not designed to do that specific exercise.

So the real question is why other therapist do not reset the muscle stress receptors (spindle cells, golgi tendon apparatus etc) so that the brain recognises that the muscle is not in a state of stress and allows the muscle to do the job it is supposed to? It takes a long time to be Thorough.

How do I structure my therapy?

The 1st session either starts at your home or my office with you filling out an comprehensive application form. After reviewing your application a plan for you is done. Which will include most of the muscles being tested which are most likely to cause your pain and then reset if needed.

Everyone is required to do home support every night (for wanting a better term). Which keeps resetting the muscles.

In the 2nd session I check all of the muscles I reset the first time and then add more to the list. Most will be relevant to initial visit but I have learnt that if I have enough time I will try to reset the whole body because I have noticed that nearly all clients find pain in other areas which was at a lower pain level so they did not notice it.

The 3rd session is used to make sure that all of your muscles are working properly and to teach you which muscles need to be strengthened ( hint usually the Rhomboid) and which may need to be stretched (usually the Psoas).

As mentioned earlier the 4th free session is for assessment and also a chance where we can discuss what may have been the cause as well as what therapies are available to correct the cause if it comes back.

which may suit the possible cause of the problem.

The rest of this website is designed to explain what I do and to teach you how to heal yourself.