Since I started using Touch for health with the other therapies. I noticed that most of my clients which did the home support got the results they were after. So in order to encourage people to try Touch for health, which I am sure they have not heard of. I decided to give a guarantee of no payment for the first session if you have no improvement. As well as if after four weeks ( 3 sessions ) you do not achieve your goal which is set in the first session. I will give you a total refund for the 3 sessions with the condition that you do the required home support. The home support  may include  any or all of the following: exercises, stretches, holding pressure points, drinking water etc. All of them should take only a few minutes a day.
However the guarantee is not available to all problems. It is available on a case by case basis which is discussed during the first visit or phone call. This is due to possible other factors which may be contributing to the problem. e.g. migraines

  • Migraines often have contributing factors such as memories ( emotions ) as well as chemicals, food and stress. So the guarantee here is not that you will not have migraines after 3 sessions, it is that you will be able to stop a migraine from developing into a full blown debilitating migraine. What I guarantee, when it comes  to migraines, is if you act as soon as you notice your symptoms you will be able to stop the migraine and at worse have a headache.

If you do your exercises and build up the support muscles to the neck and shoulders and address the other possible causes  I believe  you will stop getting the migraines. Since most of the cases I have dealt with had weak or short muscles.

If you want to reduce the occurrence of  your problem it always requires some strengthening and stretching to get the physical body back to where it should be. Even though I have been trained to look at other factors such as memories ( emotions ) , chemical intolerance, food and stress ( which may be the cause ) I have never needed to.
I also recommend once the problem is better that you consider doing yoga with a teacher.
Disclaimer: The information provided in this website is for educational purposes only as well as to give you general information about posture and the muscular system it is not to provide specific advice. By reading this article you understand that there is no direct relationship between your problem and that discussed. The information provided in this article should not be used as a substitute for competent professional advice from a professional.


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