Some time ago I noticed the problem of not being able to help all of the people who called me for help. So I have decided to add a self help section to this website. This way I can concentrate on the more complex problems, which the conventional therapies have failed and at the same time helping as many people as possible.

The corrections used in the self help are the same corrections I use in my practice. However in my practice I check each muscle which may be causing your pain and then make sure the muscle is working properly. Whereas in self help we are taking an educated guess ( using the information supplied, so be as accurate as possible ) and apply the corrections hoping that the muscle will starts to work correctly. So I would be surprised if the success rate would be as high as that in my practice ( near 90%. Which is why I have a money back guarantee ). At this time I do not have a set fee for this service, so I would appreciate a donation, the amount being appropriate for the results you achieved.

Thank you.

If you are interested I require you to answer a lot of questions and you will need to have a partner to help with the assessment, as well as your corrections.

You must to agree that I can sms or email you every couple of days  for up to a month. This way I can determine if this page is a help to most people or not. As well as to make sure that you are doing things correctly.

Lets start So that I can reduce my advertising bill would you answer the following questions.Then I will send you the password to the assessment questions.

  1. How did you find this website?
  2. What suburb do you live in?
  3. An email address. As I obviously need an email address to send you the password to the questionnaire and of course the corrections etc. Note: I will not use an address such as ?????? etc unless you ring me first.
  4. Read the disclaimer below and rewrite it in your own words ( as this is the only way I know that you have read it.) Disclaimer You and you alone are responsible for all decisions to start and/or complete every request. When asked to perform a task, the level of discomfort is NOT to reach over 2/10 i.e very mild pain( with 10/10 max pain). The level of effort used during a muscle evaluation should be at a level you would class as very easy to easy.
  5. Would you describe the pain you are in and where and what triggers it.
  6. What was the initial cause?
  7. Has it been diagnosed?
  8. Do you promise to send daily updates of your progress


After I have sent you the password to the assessment questions. Answer the questions in the section “Assessment questions” and send an email via the form at the bottom. make sure that your descriptions are as accurate as you can make them e.g. pain is rated 8/10  5 centimeters above the top of the pubic bone and 7cm left of center, when I lay down on my back with my legs flat on the floor.

Note It will look as though you have posted this information on the net but unless I approve it nobody will be able to see what you have sent ( of course that will never happen ). Once all of the assessment is completed I will send you the corrections needed to get your muscles to work properly.

Thanks Dave


P.S. The reason why I started the self help section.

After my Nan ended up in hospital due to a fall ( due to dehydration ), It took me 2 months to convince her to try and see if I could help her walk with out the walking frame. After all we are always told the elderly need them as she was by everyone.

I found that by taking a well educated guess and doing the same basic corrections that I use in my practice. That she could walk with out the need of a walker within an hour.Even though I was under the impression that in order for the Touch For Health Kinesiology techniques to work. The muscle must be tested before ( to make sure the muscle needs correcting ) and after to make sure the muscle is working.

It turned out that the Quadratus Lumborum muscle on one side was not working at all and every time she lifted her leg her pelvis would fall away and she would fall over, hence she needed the walker. Using a walker has a problem of putting her body weight on her shoulder which later damage to the shoulder joints.

After seeing how much pain she was expected to have and not to complain or look for help. I decided to add this section and dedicate it her. ( more information on medication for the elderly  here )


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