How to find solutions to digestion problems eg. Bloating, leaky gut syndrome, lactose intolerances, Celiacs, Crohn´s, depression, over weight, under weight, A lot of our diseases are in some way related to what we eat (digest) or most importantly what we do not eat. This page is about how to find what is lacking in your diet which may be contributing to your health problem and show you how to determine which changes need to be made so that your body can heal. As a minimum I suggest that you use the medical system to at the very least, diagnose your problem and monitor any changes. This way if you get worse before the body has a chance to repair itself you can reassess your situation. Another reason to get diagnosed is that it may make it easier to learn what has caused your problem which in turn then makes it easier to find the solution.
Four things you need for the body to get enough nutrition

  1. Do I have enough Hydration, Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins, Enzymes and miscellaneous chemicals to allow my body to function at its optimum?
  2. If ¨no¨ what is the cause of the deficiency? – Consumption- Digestion- Absorption- Transportation- Assimilation- Utilisation – Elimination
  3. Identify foods / supplements which may improve your health.
  4. Are any Toxins and heavy metals causing problems?


  1. As we have learnt in the ¨how to use Kinesiology¨ page we can identify deficiencies by assessing on the statement

¨I have the optimum amount of  _______ to have optimal health¨ etc.



Proteins and Enzymes


Vitamin A Chromium Amino acids Acidophilus
Vitamin B6 Zinc Enzymatic vegetable protein Chlorophyll
B Complex Iron Pancreao Lipase Lecithin
B Vitamins Copper Pancreatic Digestive Enzymes Bile Salts
Vitamin C Magnesium Protein Hydrochloric acid
Vitamin D Calcium Parotid and Salivary glands RNA
Vitamin E Selenium
Vitamin F Iodine
Vitamin K Manganese
Multi Vitamin Trace Minerals
2. What is the cause of the deficiency?
  • Consumption
  • Digestion
  • Absorption
  • Transportation
  • Assimilation
  • Utilisation Elimination
  1. Identify foods which may improve your health.

Hold the food / supplement and assess the statement

¨this —— will improve my health¨
If the muscle locks it is part of what the body requires.  Now how much?
If the muscle unlocks it only means that it is not part of what the body requires and may be neutral to your health so we need to assess on the statement ( just in case you want to eat it )
¨this —– is neutral to my health¨If the muscle locks it means that it does not effect the body one way or another.If the muscle unlocks it means that right NOW the body does not want any more but may need some in the future. e.g. Potassium is needed for the body, but too much may cause heart problems (especially when on medication).All results ( conclusions ) should be reassessed weekly at first then monthly after that.
4.Identify Toxins and heavy metals.
I have the optimum amount of Mercury level to have optimal health


Toxic Chemicals and heavy metals

If you believe I need to add other toxins. Please let me know.

If the muscle locks the body is dealing with the amount it has in it with out any stress. If the muscle unlocks you need to find out how to remove it safely from your body. Now you have determined what is lacking in your diet, why and how to change it. You have also determined if you are being poisoned. Make your changes to your life style and now consider any memories / emotions which may be contributing, also consider changes to the amount of exercise and relaxation you are getting ( tv is not considered a relaxation tool but a diversionary tool ) and finally is your outlook positive or negative. As each and every one of these may be a cause or a contributing factor in your disease. As has been shown kinesiology is just a tool and how you use it depends on what you know and what you believe.
Since kinesiology responds not only to your stresses and thoughts when assessing the muscle it can respond to the thoughts and belief of any one who does the assessment on / with you. Which means when they have preconceived ideas it effects the results. If the person you are doing the assessing with believes that all problems are due to emotions / memories then that is what they will focus on. This is why I prefer to teach you how to do the testing and to be a guide in what should be tested.
Here is an example ( the problem with disease ).
Often the question is, The chicken or the egg – which came first? Depression or lack of nutrition? When a person is depressed they will have a problem with nutrition. Depression may have caused you not to eat correctly so that you have vitamin, mineral etc deficiencies or it may be the other way around lack of nutrition may have caused the depression because the body could not produce the feel good chemical. Nobody really knows which comes first since by the time the doctors etc get involved you usually have both problems feeding each other. So you have three choices       – improve your nutrition – address your emotions – Do both improve your nutrition and address your emotions I prefer to consider the physical part the of the problem first because if there is an emotional aspect to your problem then it will not get in the way of using kinesiology and then look at the memories / emotions with techniques such as EFT ( to remove the emotion from the memory ) and finally use affirmations to change how you think. That is to choose how and in what direction life will go in.
All results, conclusions and changes you make to your diet need to be reassessed weekly at first, then monthly. You may also need dietician and / or doctors supervision especially when you do big changes.


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