Kinesiology simply using muscle testing to find what stresses you and the correction you need to remove the stress. There are alot of types of kinesiologies which specialise in various fields of physical and mental health. I primarily use Touch for health kinesiology for muscle problems and Dynamic kinesiology for complex issues.


Kinesiology ( for healing) uses the fact that a muscle can only handle one stress at a time. So when we stress a muscle by isolating it and then putting pressure on it ( stress one ) then we add a second stress while putting pressure on the muscle it will lock if the second stress has no effect on us or will unlock if the stress does effect us.
Some of the things that stress us are physical (pushing on the arm when it has a problem), a memory (thought), chemical (including food) or an untrue statement.
Kinesiology exploits this fact by using the muscle monitoring technique to determine whatever you like. By testing if a statement is stressful or not can indicate what may be causing your problem. This can be an effective window in to the subconscious. However care must be made that the statement is positive. Notice I am not asking questions and I am using the word positive all of the time.
A statement like ” I was abused as a child” will usually unlock the muscle because the word abused is stressful¬† (whether or not the person was abused or not). The question “I was not abused as a child” is even worst due to the word not and abuse will most likely unlock the muscle suggesting that you were abused. Then you have the problem that the word abused has meant different things over the years. That is why structuring a statement is very important.
I have met a lot of people who like to use kinesiology to ask questions. What they do not realise is the fact that you want to ask a question means that you are unsure of the situation and that alone will most likely cause your muscle to unlock especially if the question is phrased negatively. The result you actually get is wether or not you are stressed about the question.Not if it is true of false
This section describes how they are used as well as give case studies. If you have any question call me on 0427685335   Dave


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