Self help

Self testing is the only guaranteed way to be sure of the results. I highly recommend it.

So far I have tried to teach you how to

  • self test a muscle.
  • teach you what problems to be aware of.
  • How to structure a test statements.
  • How to find which correction you need.

The only difference between kinesiology A and B is what they know, what they believe in and what baggage they bring to the table.

Ahh  baggage they bring to the table??

This is the main problem with kinesiology everyone has baggage.

So what do we do about it? The best way is to make sure that the person you are working withes baggage has no bearing on your issue.

e.g. If a client is testing for which correction they should use and the list includes surgery there is a fair bet that the muscle will go weak when the word surgery is used because of my energy field will effect theirs.

So as far as I am concerned I prefer to teach and guide the client so that they can self test using a list of corrections and guiding statements even if I have to search the internet to find more relevant options than I currently know of.

Another issue of baggage is when doing issues with emotions. Never work with someone who is or has had relationship problems because it will be a factor if they are testing you. I believe this absolutely after training with many women in Reiki and kinesiology. I feel sorry for people who go to councilors who are not in a happy relationship. Self testing is the only guaranteed way to be sure of the results.

Another problem with working with someone else is if they go too fast. It has the tendency to confuse you which will cause the next test to unlock suggesting that it is an issue.


I hope I have not put you off kinesiology. It is brilliant but needs to be used carefully.

So summing up

I believe the best way is to self test with a list of assessment statements and corrections using some guidance when needed.



As usual call me for any help and please ask questions